Some Popular Weapons in Call of Duty – Modern Warfare 2

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There are several different Call of Duty weapons, depending on what edition of the game you are playing. In the original Modern Warfare game, there were a series of weapons that were spread throughout the map. In World at War, the Special Ops also received some new weapons, as well as the medium-weight Hillbarrel. Finally, in Modern Warfare 2, the game developers added a new kind of weapon, dubbed the Assault Rifle.

The Assault Rifle was brand new to the CoD series and was the weapon that was mostly used throughout the game, as its accuracy and straightness made it extremely popular with any user. The game developers also massed on the Pyro Attach and the Scattershot and were able to make the M16 last practically forever. However, despite all of this, the standard assault rifle that was included in the gameplay never saw the light of day.

However, in Modern Warfare 2, Treyarch has taken another approach to the assault rifle, as they have introduced the accurate mitigating AK-47 with room to spare. The assault rifle has one stock that lays on the left side of the gun, with flat mags that are somewhat monstrous in comparison. It also accepts a Grip attachment that completely tucked the bottom of the gun, eliminating the need to adjust it. However, unlike the M16, it has complex reloads and takes 5 shots to kill enemies on any difficult difficulty.

The last time that the assault rifle saw the light of day was in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. This assault rifle has been tweaked to attract all of the sub-machine guns, as well as the bolt action rifles that it was made to work with. The outer barrels have been improved with enough ammo capacity to allow you to gun down 3 people, depending on your killstreak rewards.

These weapons are a great addition to the powerful individual that is already included in your arsenal, making it a must-have addition once you unlock your powerful weapon. If you want to have an easier time choosing a deadly weapon to use, look no further than the assault rifle for any gung-ho technique.


In most instances, the assault rifle will work best with a body shot or multiple body shots. Cases in which you are likely to want to fire a spray can capable weapon first and foremost. When you stand in one position for too long, you will likely be overcome with pain after just a few shots, so fire away!

For all you cowboys out there, the bolt action rifle is the perfect weapon. Not only does the bullet travel to a much more rapid rate than the semi-auto rifles, but it is also able to take down shields with ease due to its impressive bullet damage. These bolt action rifles are excellent for players that are in the lower end of medium to long-range.

In games such as Call of Duty, the accurate sniper rifle is a sight to behold. While the sniper rifle requires a person to stand at a great distance range, it is a weapon that is simple to use. Look at the target with the crosshairs and let the magic happen. This is how you do the sniper course flawlessly!

Personally, the best class to use a sniper rifle is one that is on the medium-length side. This is a great way to sneak up on enemies without them even knowing you’re there. If you stick with this length, you will have no trouble whatsoever getting an unnoticed kill.

Sometimes, it is a good idea to use a suppressor as your first shot out of an eligible gun and then fire normally. This will put some wind into the weapon so it becomes a bit more accurate after each shot. However, do not always fire from the same distance. Get into the habit of firing from the right distance and you will notice a big difference in your sniper course.

In addition to these weapons, you should also train to use the knife as an effective alternative to the bolt action rifle. When in a low cover area, there is no need to expose yourself to enemies because they will come to you. If you do have to expose yourself, make sure you are keeping low and making use of the knife to come up behind the enemy.

Sniper courses are a great way to get some kills and get some impressive kills. These kills will come easier as you master the sniper course. Even when you do not get a kill, you will be able to move a lot faster when you have good control of the rifle. The trick to winning sniper battles is to stand still and patient, and not moving at all.

There are many sites available to teach you the sniper basics. These sites can be found quite easily. Most of the sites offer free training on how to start with each different setting. You can then move on to the advanced training and even some sites offer real live quizzes to test your skills.