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Where to Find the Best Tuxedo in Bangkok: Top Stores and Care Tips

Imagine yourself nestled in your favourite chair, a cup of tea in hand, as you begin on a delightful journey of discovery. You’ve heard whispers of “Tuxedo Bangkok” and your curiosity is piqued. What could this charming phrase entail? Bangkok, a city teeming with vibrant culture and endless surprises, offers a unique blend of tradition […]

The Asia Food Delivery Industry is a menace to the environment
The Asia Food Delivery Industry is a menace to the environment

Asia food delivery services have also added tonnes of plastic to Thai landfills. ¬†Prior to the outbreak, Thailand produced about 5,500 tonnes of plastic waste per day, according to TEI president Dr Wijarn Simachaya. Today, the number has jumped to 6,300 tonnes. This is because while food delivery services offer more options and convenience for […]

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Donkey Kong, the Reasons Behind Its Popularity

Donkey Kong was created in 1981. It became so popular because it was an interesting game in its own right. Although it started as a two-dimensional game, it gradually evolved into a three-dimensional game. Donkey Kong, the video game, can be readily bought by video game consoles in the market today. The character of Donkey […]