Do you want to travel the world and help us with the research of Tulse Luper and his mysterious suitcases? Enrol as 'researcher' for the Tulse Luper Journey and you could win a ticket to travel around the world!

Play all 92 suitcases, exchange layers with other players and fill your filmstrip completely.

Tell us where in the world you would like to travel to and explain why. In your letter, you must make a connection between your travel location(s) of choice and the story of Tulse Luper's life. The most original idea will win. Just let your imagination run wild!
Your chance of winning will increase if you include pictures or a video with your letter and show us your style. Why? During your trip you'll get your own Weblog!

The competion is closed for further applications, and on the 5th of November 2007 the winner has been announced.


From the entries one researcher, Daniel Capelletti aka Dacap, has been "hired" and he will plan the dream trip at the nearest Carlson Wagonlit Travel office for an amount of 3000 EURO'S!

The winner will also receive an allowance for up to 1800 EURO'S to spend during this trip.