Over the duration of the "Tulse Luper Journey" Submarine will be holding a number of competitions for the players of the game.

Trip Around the World ...

One player is about to make a real Tulse Luper Journey.

Daniel Capelletti, aka Dacap, has been announced as winner

of the Trip around the World competition on the 5th of November 2007. With a world ticket and about 1800 EURO's he will travel the world in the footsteps of Tulse Luper.

Here's an exerpt from Dacap's research proposal:
"My project is to write a large symphonic concept based on Tulse Luper's suitcases. The whole piece will be 92 (95*) minutes long, each minute directly connected to the corresponding suitcase." ... "As a researcher and in order to largely enhance my inspiration sources I want to visit all the locations where Tulse Luper was kept as a prisoner - Moab desert, Vaux, Sark, Budapest, Kyoto, Mandchouria and... Antwerpen!"

More information about the competition can be seen here.

Greenaway art auction.

Two auctions have been organised in the Tulse Luper Journey where players used their earned credits from the game to bid for high-quality A2-sized silk-screens that have been drawn and signed by Peter Greenaway especially for the Tulse Luper Journey.


Detail of a silk-screen